Councillors LUMC

This is our councillor for the studentcouncil of LUMC!

  1. Pieter Schol


More room for personal development

  • Promoting the possibilities abroad

Going abroad for example for an internship is not only fun but also a great learning experience. LUMC should put more effort into organising internships and courses abroad. Especially for the minors abroad there is a lot of room for improvement. It is possible for the students to search their own minors abroad but this is usually communicated to the students too late when there is not enough time to organise it anymore.


  • To help internationals better and get them more involved

At the moment there is not much attention for the international students and they are thrown into the deep sea without instructions. Finding a place to live and getting in touch with Dutch students is difficult. By promoting programs like housing everywhere could also help the international students of LUMC to find a place to live in Leiden.


  • More work space for independent study
  • Plugs for electronics (laptops and tablets) in the lecture rooms
  • Better seats for lecture room 4

There is not often enough room for working on group assignments. In the Walaeus there is room for independent study but you cannot discuss about the assignments there. Also, the workgroup rooms are often fully booked during the day.

During the lectures a lot of students use laptops and in some lectures it is even mandatory to use a laptop. Therefore it is important that all of the lecture rooms have enough plugs to be used during the lectures. At the moment only the lecture room 6 fulfils the need for plugs, all the other rooms have only few plugs.

The chairs in the lecture room 4 are not good enough at the moment. They are uncomfortable and there is not enough room for a notebook or a laptop. By replacing these chairs with the similar chairs as in the other lecture rooms the problem can be solved easily.