Councillors LUMC

These are our councillors for the student council of LUMC!

  1. Jennifa Mariadasan
  2. Thomas Lehman
  3. Sabine Masinovic


In addition to the fact that the faculty council of the LUMC sees it as its personal task to increase awareness of the student council and employee participation in general within the faculty, it has also drawn a number of points for attention during the year. Below a small selection of this:

Student well-being
The student council (Dutch abbreviation: SR) wants to inform students about initiatives that are already present at faculty level but also university-wide. In addition, it aims to emphasise the study load for the various studies within the LUMC in order to be able to make specific recommendations about different studies.

LUMC is an important pioneer for sustainability within the Leiden region. However, this is not yet known by many. The SR, therefore, wants to promote the sustainable nature of the LUMC to the students

Option Courses
The free elective space and secondary activities such as internships and experience abroad are of great added value to the development of the student. In order to be able to make specific improvements, the SR wants to identify discussion points in order to be able to get the maximum from the free elective space for the student.