Councillors Faculty of Humanities

These are our councillors for the Faculty of Humanities!

  1. Jonathan Provoost
  2. Yves Haverkamp
  3. Carlijn Ashmead
  4. Esther van Landeghem


More room for personal development

  • Recording the large sized lectures
  • Recording the workgroups

Large sized lectures should be recorded regularly so that the students have a chance to watch them again at home. The lecture should not be available online every week to avoid the empty lecture rooms. Placing the lectures online few weeks before the exam is preferable. In the large lecture rooms 0.11 and 0.19 there is required equipment for recording the lectures and this should be used. In the smaller lecture rooms the possibilities for recording equipment should be looked into.

In some workgroups it would be useful to be able to look back what the teacher said. At the faculty of Law this is possible for some workgroups. The board and the council of the faculty have to discuss about the possibilities of recording the workgroups and decide what the best solution is.


  • Better English markings in The Hague (International Studies)
  • More courses in English
  • Activities between the Dutch and international students need to be facilitated

In Den Haag the international students of International Studies get too often only a Dutch explanation in different facilities for example the restaurant. This needs to be improved because not every international student knows what ‘prei-soep’ is. All the Dutch information should therefore also be found in English.

From the international perspective it is useful for the Dutch students if they already have some courses in English. For example if they want to do a master’s degree abroad. Also the international students can then follow the same courses as well. Different bachelors are already developing English programs and the board of the faculty should discuss with the boards of the different institutions about the possibilities for more courses taught in English.

Usually in the international studies the international students hang out only with the internationals because the Dutch students are often members in Dutch student associations and have their family and old friends close by. By bringing these two groups together one can create respect and friendships between the internationals and the Dutch. Instead of the bubbles where they often live. This way the international students get closer to the Dutch culture and the Dutch students can broaden their view of the world. There needs to be more events organised where the internationals can meet the Dutch and vise versa.

The Dutch courses could be offered for the internationals to make it easier for them to mix with the Dutch students in the university community.

Sustainable university

  • Solar panels on the roof of the faculty
  • Recyclable cups for the drink machines
  • Sorting waste

The faculty can produce sustainable energy for its own use with the solar panels. For the new humanities campus there are already plans for a sustainable building, although it will take few years before the campus is finished.

Therefore it is important to look at the options for the Lipsius building and other parts of the faculty of humanities.

In the Lipsiuscafé the recyclable cups are already in use but not in the drink machines. Even though most of the drinks are bought from the machines. The possibilities to use recyclable cups in the machines should be looked into. If this is not possible then the option of placing new drink machines should be investigated.

Using recyclable cups at Lipsiuscafé is great but the cups often end up in the common garbage can with plastic and other not recyclable waste. Therefore we need to place garbage cans that are used for sorting waste and make sure that the sorted waste is also processes separately.