Councillors Universitycouncil

These are our councillors for the Universitycouncil!

  1. Alderik Oosthoek
  2. Jasmijn Groenewold
  3. Martijn Janse
  4. Vera Groeneveld
  5. Maarten van der Meer

You can find a biography of these councillors on the university-website.


More room for personal development

  • More room for internships within the curriculum
  • Free e-assessment trainings and cv-checks
  • More possibilities to study abroad
  • More possibilities for honours students to do an internship or a boardyear

For an international and inclusive university

  • Free courses in Dutch and English for every student
  • Improve communication: every part of the university website and all the other communication must be done in English as well
  • One introductionweek for Dutch and international students, to improve the integration
  • Improve the English language-level of teachers

For a sustainable university

  • More water taps
  • Solar panels on every universitybuilding
  • Cheap reusable waterbottles in every machine
  • More separation of garbage

Better education

  • Every lecture must be recorded
  • Results of exams must be visible online as well
  • More places to study in and around examweeks
  • No master selection

For good councils

  • More collaboration between the universitycouncil, faculty councils and the education committees
  • More evaluation and feedback on the universitypolicy
  • Collaboration with other studentparty’s troughout the country
  • Space for international students in the faculty- and university councils