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ONS Leiden is the party within the Leiden University student representation that fights to give you more freedom to combine your extracurricular activities with your study. On a daily basis, our 15 ONS student representatives strive for a sustainable, inclusive and international university in the faculty and university councils. Contact them using their contact information on the “councillors” page.

The board of ONS Leiden is responsible for the daily activities of the party. The board consists of:

President Nilson Anselmo
Secretary Siobhan Kuin
Treasurer Clair Rozemeijer
Boardmember campaign Mante Kaaks


IMG_6322The fourth board (Clair Rozemeijer – treasurer, Mante Kaaks – member campaign, Siobhan Kuin – secretary, Nilson Anselmo – president).

Ondernemende Studenten Leiden (ONS)
Postbus 439
2300 AK Leiden
+31 (0)71-5277992
bestuur [@] stemons . nl