Councillors Governance and Global Affairs

These are our councillors for the faculty of Governance and Global Affairs (FGGA)!

  1. Kimon van Vuuren


More space for self-development

  • Passing grades redoable
  • Information extracurricular activities
  • Record lectures
  • Possibility to follow extra courses in first year

More often, a certain grade average is required for master within and outside of Leiden University. Therefore, the possibility to meet these requirements should be offered. Resitting a passing grade can help students to meet the requirements for the master of their own choosing. Besides, every student experiences once in a while that he or she is sick on the day on an exam. Certainly, students who score many high grades, and score low on these “off days” can really use this opportunity to resit a passing grade.

There is not much clear information available about extracurricular activities which a student can follow. Individual information possibilities by older students, who for example have travelled abroad, followed an internship at a certain organization, who followed a certain minor, or did a double bachelor could help for many students. Hearing something from a fellow student makes it automatically more attractive and more reliable.

This, however, does not say that information from the university itself is useless, on the contrary. A painful example of something that could easily be improved is the supply of information about internships abroad who students can do in their third year. These information markets are taken place too late in the second year for students to apply for it. Actually, first-year students should have a clear insight into the possibilities, so that they know where they can work towards.

The recording of lectures remains, like at almost every faculty, an important issue. The possibilities are there, at several locations, but are not used. This is a shame, because the recording of lectures, and the making available of lectures in the right way, creates many benefits. In the end, university revolves around good education, the possibility to rewatch points which you did not understand the first time is extremely helpful. Also, it creates the possibility to watch the lecture, if you have missed it for some reason, and this gives way to self-development outside of the study!

Internationalizing and inclusion

  • Start an active buddy-program
  • Make tutorials available for internationals

The Faculty Governance and Global Affairs offers an enormous range of students of different backgrounds via Leiden University College and Public Administration. This means that there is a lot of potential to get to know each other! Once the students get to know each other more and mingle, this creates many new perspectives, but at the same time, this helps international students to feel more at home in Leiden and The Hague. The idea is to start a program where Dutch and international students are matched and are going to explore the cities. This will, of course, be on a voluntary basis.

Besides, it is important that internationals get the opportunity to follow tutorials. Many of them do follow a minor or extra courses at the study Public Administration. At the moment, they make an extra exam question which should replace the missed tutorials. This is a weird construction. The tutorials should be available for everyone, after all, these are important components of the education. Moreover, this construction does not improve the connection between both the Dutch students and international students.

For a sustainable university

  • Actually separate waste
  • Submit papers via Turnitin

Although the waste disposal is done university-wide, it is not unimportant to give attention to this at our faculty. When there is attention coming from different angles, it will be easier heard and empowered. Also, at FGGA, waste is not actually separated, this should be happening in the future.

If we would only submit papers via Turnitin, this could create an enormous decrease in paper use. This will create less waste and more trees that will not have to be cut down, but surely also a decrease in the cost when this is taken care of in a careful way. Of course, we are aware of the fact that submitting via Turnitin will not mean that tutors will not print it themselves, but there will certainly be less printed.