Vote for ONS

You can now vote for ONS at You have two votes: The UR (University council), every student can vote The FR (Faculty council), the faculty where you study

Candidates lists 2021

These are the candidates for ONS for 2021! 💪🏼💚 Have you spotted a familiar name? Vote for ONS in the digital campaign week from the 17th – 21st of May 2021! The link to vote is:  

Lowering BSA during Corona

The times of Corona are weird for everyone, including the students. Not being able to go to lectures or workgroups, not having contact with teachers or other students, feeling like you’re suddenly on your own. Last year, therefore, the university came to the aid of first-year students and discarded the BSA. After all, in the…

Candidates Lists 2020/2021

Leiden University has announced that the original campaign week is replaced by a digital campaign week due to the coronavirus.  📲💻 Our candidates for the Faculty Councils and University Council have been revealed! 📢 These are the candidates for ONS for 2020! 💪🏼💚Have you spotted a familiar name? Vote for ONS in the digital campaign week from the…

Lists ONS 2019-2020

De lijsten van de studentenpartij Ondernemende Studenten Leiden 2019-2020 The lists from the student party Ondernemende Studenten Leiden 2019-2020 De Universiteitsraad / University Council Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid / Faculty of Law Faculteit Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen / Faculty of Science Faculteit der Sociale Wetenschappen / Faculty of Social Sciences Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen / Humanities Faculty Faculty…

Unique collaboration for online lectures

Student party ONS Leiden is organising a unique collaboration with the seven faculties at Leiden University on Tuesday morning, to enable the recording and digital publication of lectures for every student in Leiden. Many students are stuck with an old-fashioned and inflexible education system, while the 21st century has started 18 years ago. ONS Leiden,…

ONS Leiden again main student party

Student party ONS Leiden again has an overall majority in the student body of the University Council (UR). The party won 55% of the votes, representing five of the eight seats – including the residual seat. There was no election this year for the staff section of the UR.

Councillors University Council

This is our councillor for the University Council 2022/2023! Bram Leferink op Reinink These were our councillors for the University Council 2021/2022! 1. Floor van Lelyveld 2. Bram Leferink op Reinink  

Councillors Faculty of Humanities

This is our councillor for the Faculty of Humanities 2022/2023! Michael Reintjens These were our councillors for the Faculty of Humanities 2021/2022! Thomas Bemelmans Michael Reintjens

Councillors Social Sciences

This is our councillor for the faculty of Social Sciences 2022/2023! 1. Carine ten Doesschate This was our councillor for the faculty of Social Sciences 2021/2022! 1. Carine ten Doesschate