Faculty action points

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    Foto HeleenAt the Faculty of Law, we want legal internships in the bachelor to be awarded credits. Internships are a great way for students to develop, and that should be stimulated by the faculty. Furthermore, we are in favour of abolishing the use of transcript which include failed exams and retakes, so that students can retake exams without worrying about the negative effect on future job interviews. Students whose studies have been delayed due to the coronavirus should be able to count on adequate arrangements to support them.

    Heleen Kleinjans

    standpunten FDRfoto LauraAt the Faculty of Humanities, ONS wants the digitalisation, which is happening now out of necessity, to be continued after the pandemic, so that students are able to study flexibly. Furthermore, we argue for more intensive tutoring for students who write their theses, and a fairer way of registering for subjects. ONS also supports international students: we want the Humanities Buddy Program to be more visible, and we want to expand it so that all international students can reap the benefits of this program. 

    Laura Struikstandpunten FGWfoto BramAt the Faculty of Social Sciences we find it important that students are well prepared to enter the job market. Internships are important for this. We want more students to be stimulated to do internships, by attributing 30 EC to internships. Besides that, we want students to be able to retake passed exams, so that masters with grade requirements are more feasible for them. Furthermore, we want student psychologists to be more available and visible to students who are dealing with mental health issues.

    Bram Leferink op Reinink

    standpunten FSW
    foto TijnAt the Faculty of Science, we want physical lectures to be always complemented by digital lectures, also after corona. This enables students to spread the workload, and it gives them the space to develop themselves outside of studies. Furthermore, we find it important that the Foobar and the ScienceClub are preserved in the new buildings: they are of great importance to the social binding of students. The computer halls should be preserved as well, in order to maintain enough study spots. Because of corona, there are no lab practicals anymore, which is detrimental to a lot of students of our faculty. That’s why we                                                                                                                                                      are arguing for continuing lab practicals as                                                                                                                  soon as possible, in a responsible manner of                                                                                                              course.

                                                                                                                 Tijn Jacobsstandpunten FWN

    foto jens

     At the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs ONS is committed to a digitally oriented university, which gives students the space to develop themselves. Social development is also important. That’s why ONS wants the community building in The Hague to get better facilities, so students will make more use of it. Furthermore, there is a need for secluded study spots at the Wijnhaven, so that students can get a study spot in The Hague even when it’s busy.

    Jens Opdam
    standpunten FGGA