Councillors Faculty of Humanities

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These are our councilors for the Faculty of Humanities 2020/2021!

1. Laura Struik

2. Thijs de Groot


This year we are committed to promoting the interests of the active students of our beloved faculty. We are also taking part in the faculty working groups Integration Campus The Hague, Humanities Campus and Reducing Work Pressure (for both students and staff).

Although the faculty of Humanities is the largest and most diverse faculty of Leiden and The Hague, we want to continue to ensure that the individual student can continue to develop, even outside his or her field of study.

We are worried about the decreasing supply of (choice) courses and find it disappointing that there is less and less opportunity to combine studies and different functions. We want to ensure that, despite budget restrictions, the faculty remains open and diverse in its accessibility and atmosphere.

These were our councilors for the Faculty of Humanities 2019/2020!

1. Rosa van Dijke

2. Floor van Lelyveld

3. Pippijn van Gulik