Councillors Faculty of Law

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These are our councilors for the Faculty of Law 2020/2021!

1. Heleen Kleinjans

2. Clair Rozemeijer

3. Gilles van Toor


  • More spots for independent study at the KOG
  • Decent prices of the study material
  • Connection with the faculty
  • Good insight into the job market, broader than what it is currently
  • Reducing plastic waste

In the Faculty of law, we focus on, as we always do, the facilities that help an active student to make the most of his or her study. Apart from this, we find it important that the students will have enough room for developing themselves and participating in extracurricular activities. To reach this goal we are looking into the needs of the students and the needed improvements. These improvements we take with us to the Faculty Council to find solutions together with the board of the faculty.

The coming year we want to mostly focus on the following five points:

More independent study spots at the KOG
Not having enough room for independent studying is a wide problem for the students at Leiden University. This could be read in Mare and the same problem occurs every exam period again and again. At KOG this problem is experienced not only during the exam periods but every day: both computer spots and normal study spots are full by 10:30 in the morning.

This is a big problem especially for those students who have a lecture or a workgroup during the day and they come back to a full library.

The council members of ONS have already brought this up in the council meeting and we are working hard to write a notion where we want to find a solution together with the Board of the faculty. One of the possible solutions is building gates by the library so that the non-students cannot use the library of KOG anymore.

Decent prices of the study material
The students are often confronted by the high costs of the books and other study material. Taking into consideration the number of books bought each semester these costs are so high that students tend not to buy them, which impedes proper preparation for their exams. We understand that these costs of the books are not in the hands of the board of the faculty but we would like to look into the possibilities to lower the costs of the study material, including the readers and law bundles.

Good insight into the job market, broader than what it is currently
At the KOG you do not come across advertisements for law firms, business courses, office visits and inhousedays. Study associations, committees and offices meant for this purpose however organise and advertise these things a lot, which we find important as well. By participating in these activities you can learn a lot of practical skills and even get to know your future employer during your study. The university plays the less active part in promoting specific firms or business courses which is good for its independent position. However, because of the lack of promotion from the university, the small and less popular work possibilities are often forgotten. We would like to see the faculty broaden its insight into the job market which would include the less common possibilities for the future lawyers. For driving this matter we want to use our position in the council of the faculty.

Reducing plastic waste
ONS finds sustainability important also in the University. The Faculty of Law is definitely not left behind when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly development. Each year it will be checked in which parts the costs and use of energy can be reduced and where possible pollution can be contested. However, there is always room for improvement. The board of the faculty has stopped recycling plastic because the environment factor processes the plastic together with the residual waste. This is because the production of plastic is cheaper than recycling plastic at the moment. It is cheaper, but not more sustainable, and this will only support the production of more plastic. This is redundant, for plastic is becoming a larger and larger negative factor in environmental pollution. One solution could be reducing the use of plastic in the faculty by offering less plastic things. No more bottles out of the drink machines and building taps for water so the students can easily fill their own bottle with water or use paper cups in the coffee machines.

These were our councilors for the Faculty of Law 2019/2020!

1. Rachel Brown
2. Nilson Milheiro Anselmo
3. Hannah Erdman