Councillors Social Sciences

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This is our councillor for the faculty of Social Sciences 2020/2021!

1. Bram Leferink op Reinink

More room for personal development

  • Audio recordings of the lectures and the lecture slides online
  • More attention and support for internships
  • Resitting passed exams

By recording the lectures and placing them on Blackboard the students get two options: to attend the lecture live, or watch it back later. The teachers often disagree with the recording of the lectures because of privacy or copyright. Therefore we think it is understandable to start by recording only voice and placing these records on Blackboard with the lecture slides. To keep the students more motivated to attend the lectures we suggest that the recorded lectures are put online a few weeks before the exams.

We think there should be more attention directed on the internships because it is important to get some practical experience during your study. This way you learn to use the learnt knowledge in practice. This way you get a better picture of what kind of work you are studying for. We find this important and want to increase this desperately.

Also, we think it is important that one can resit passed exams. In the light of the new trend of higher expectations for the master’s degrees, this can give the students a chance to increase their average grade just enough to be applicable for their dream master’s degree. Next to that sometimes you just have a bad day and underperform in the exam, this way that mistake can be fixed.


  • Lectures in one language
  • Teachers with profound knowledge of the English language
  • The international and dutch students more in contact with each other

For the sake of internationalisation, we find it important that the lectures (especially in psychology) are given in one language. What often happens is that the teachers switch from english to dutch and back to english which makes it difficult to follow. By improving the level of English language of the teachers makes it easier for international students to fit into our faculty. Also by dividing the students randomly into the groups makes it easier to get to know more people from your study and bring the international and the dutch students together at the FSW.

Sustainable university

  • Less unnecessary printing of readers
  • Handing in assignments through turnitin or e-mail instead of printed out
  • Sorting out the waste

By reducing the printing of readers and other materials for the lectures and workgroups we work towards a more sustainable University. Less paperwork leads to less waste and more trees are saved in the world.

The same happens when the assignments are handed in through turnitin and e-mail. Could be that the teacher decides to print out the assignment anyway because she prefers to read it on paper but this way the amount of printing will be reduced at least to some point.

Also sorting out the waste is important for better processing of the waste, but it is important that the sorted waste is also processed separately.

Common points

  • Better opening times of the Student Service Centre

A complain that a lot of the students at FSW experience is the poor opening times of the Student Service Centre. A simple solution would be increasing the opening times. The possibilities for the solutions will have to be discussed with the board of the faculty.

These were our councilors for the council of the faculty of Social Sciences 2019/2020!

1. Margriet Beeksma
2. Huib van Vugt