Councillors University Council

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These are our councilors for the University Council 2020/2021!

1. Floor van Lelyveld

2. Harold Janssen

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Viewpoints University Council 

For more room for self-development 

  • More space for internships in the curriculum.
  • More places to study abroad.
  • Better opportunities for honours students to do an internship or board year.

For an international and inclusive university

  • Free English and Dutch courses for all students.
  • Improvement of communication: English equivalent for all university websites and other communication.
  • To allow Dutch and foreign students to integrate more by having one introduction week.
  • To increase the English level of teachers.

For better education

  • Recording of all lectures.
  • Online access to exams.
  • No master selection.

For a better student participation

  • More collaboration between educational committees, faculty councils and the university council.
  • More evaluation and feedback on university policy.
  • Collaborate with other student parties from all over the Netherlands.
  • International students must also be able to take part in student participation.

These are our councilors for the University Council 2020/2021!

1. Dorien de Koning

2. Dahran Çoban